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Selling your Home

  • Hire a Realtor.  Better yet hire me!

  • I will show go through your home and give you affordable staging ideas to better show off your home.

  • I will show you what pricing to use and provide you marketing plans.

  • Signage is important.  

  • Always do an open house to allow more showings.

  • I have unique marketing tools that can be used.

  • What are inexpensive and easy repairs that can be done to better show off your home.


  • Property Disclosure Statement what are they and why do buyers want them included in the offer to purchase.

  • How to navigate an offer to purchase and which lawyer to use.


  • You always want a good first impression.

  • Why curb appeal is important.

  • What are the easiest and cheapest ways to spruce up your home?

  • What should I do once I've sold my home?  

  • Let me show you this and much more.

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