COVID19 Showings protocol

As a professional REALTOR®, I am focused on the safety, health and wellness of you and your family during the selling process of your home.

During this unprecedented period, here’s a list of best practices I will be suggesting to other REALTORS® while showing your property:

• We will ensure that all people viewing your home have give us assurances, in writing, that they have not been in contact with or if they have recently travelled internationally or are experiencing any cold/flu-like systems as well as any increase in temperature, and if so, we will ask that their showing request be rescheduled for a later date or best to do a virtual tour and/or place an offer subject to an inspection at a later date

• REALTORS® will be asked to limit the number of people attending a showing. They will guide their client(s) through your home restricting the physical touching of items or ensure the use of gloves, hand sanitizer and masks.

• REALTORS® will direct their clients room by room and ensure they are appropriately spacing individuals as a means of physical distancing.

• REALTORS® will ask their clients to refrain from using the bathroom.  

• Before and after a showing, I recommend you disinfect commonly touched areas such as doorknobs cupboards, counter tops and faucet handles.

  • As your REALTOR®, you have my commitment to uphold the highest level of professionalism and guide you with due care in the buying/selling process.